Ombro Leather Goods can confidently can give you a warranty on any Wallet over $45 AUD / NZD

All our leather goods purchased online come with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase (this year long warranty is for the condition of the leather)

  • The actual leather comes with 1 year warranty


  • The stitching on the wallet comes with a 6 month warranty (as we cant guarantee customers aren't overloading their wallet with double the cards in each compartment, etc)


  • Our zips come with a 3 month warranty - as it depends on how the individual uses the zips every day (some people are rough and pull on zips hard) therefore if a zip busts within 3 months of purchase, etc, we are happy to send you a replacement, once you have sent images of the fault to our email and we confirm. Then we will ask you to send us back the faulty leather good, we then send you a new item and we can then refund the $7.25 postage into your bank account


Our warranty is being extremly fair, please use your leather goods correctly, protect your leather goods, do not get leather wet or do not leave leather in the sun for too long as this will mis-shape the leather. Look at our link on this website, how to care for your leather goods:  http://www.ombroleathernz.com/how-to-look-after-leather

If you purchased one of our wallets that are leather lined inside and double stitched throughout for example: Ombro's Men's Wonder Wallet, we have designed and made these with 100% leather lining throughout the wallet therefore we are confident with this wallets strength and quality to last for years.

For more information please refer to our Returns & Exchanges conditions http://www.ombroleathernz.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=12