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  • Double Whammy Wallet RFID
    ​Double Flip Slim 22 Card Wallet Features: Compact design to hold 22 cards using a unique double flip system 2 leather lined cash slots 2 clear ID's Compact small design to hold maximum capacity of cards Fits in the palm of your hand  Unisex design and can be used as a ..
    Ex Tax: AU$62.00 AU$62.00 AU$70.00
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  • Gypsy Wallet w Closing Clip,RFID
    Compact Medium Size, 18 cards, RFID, Unisex Designed Wallet Features: RFID, card fraud protection Double stitched throughout 18 card capacity Comes with a closing clip on the outside 1 clear ID for license Button, flap for coin purse Zip in the middle for extra recei..
    Ex Tax: AU$75.00 AU$75.00
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  • Karmel Wallet 'with a clip' RFID
    This Compact Small Three Fold, Zip Coin, Cash, Unisex Wallet Features: Holds 9 cards Zip for coin purse (small coin section) RFID card fraud protected (half of wallet) only the 3 cards on the right side Opens out 3 ways to fit all currency notes Double stitched 1 clear ID&n..
    Ex Tax: AU$55.00 AU$55.00 AU$60.00
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  • Raw Hide Belt 35mm
    Full grain Raw Hide Leather Belt  Embossed raw hide  35 mmm width  Available in legths up to 42 inches Available in many buckle variations Handmade- high quality strong leather belts - 1 year warranty ..
    Ex Tax: AU$60.00 AU$60.00
    RFID PROTECTED SLEEVE FOR ONE PASSPORT Sleeves protect one passport from scanning fraud, stealing of identity etc, you put your passport inside sleeve, great for travelling Our sleeves can be cut and used to protect a non rfid passport holder by placing cut sleeve in certai..
    Ex Tax: AU$15.00 AU$15.00
  • Rise Singe Flip Slim Wallet RFID
    Ombro Slim Single flip features: 13 card capacity RFID card fraud protected Wallet design is a 3 way fold, flip up, (which secures the notes and cards in compact format) 1 clear ID for license 1 cash slot Cards are displayed facing in, on the side Leather lined ..
    Ex Tax: AU$60.00 AU$60.00
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