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Post  & Secure ordering

Ombro's Website automatically quotes you the exact current LIVE postage price using NZ Post in NZ or AUS Post in Australia, at the end of your order process- the price is depending on the weight of the Leather Goods, Domestic or International. We quote the price including postage and packaging


NZ / AUS: Domestic (one wallet) or One Belt Estimate = $9 for Postage

NZ/AUS: Domestic (average size leather bag) = $18-22 for Postage

(this is a estimate, it depends on size and weight of product, in which the website automatically does the figures in correlation with NZ OR AUS post)

Ombro is in contact via email regarding securing your order and confirming your Payment / Reciept, etc



Phone: Ombro:  (+64) 021 1828 723  ( We will Organise and Post a Wallet or Belt of your choice, to you. )

Email:  via this webpage "Contact us" at  ombroleather@gmail.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ombroleatherNZ (Place a comment on the wallet of your choice)

Or Look at our "NZ shows" check to see if we are 


Phone: Ombro: (+61) 0401 403 051 ( We will Organise and Post a Wallet of your choice, to you)

Email: via "Contact Us " at ombroleatheraustralia@gmail.com

Australia's Ombro Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/ombroleatheraustralia


Returns & Refunds

Information under Ombro Website Warranty link on this website


Information under Ombro Website Warranty link on this website

DESIGN PROTECTION ACT: All our DESIGNS are trademarked and copyrighted ltd 2008, with evidence of designs dating back to year 2000, OMBRO LTD is a registered company in NZ. We do not take lightly any company copying our designs and if we find out a company has copyed our designs, we will take action in court and prosecute.