How do I place an order?

  • ONLINE- Customers can buy online, a selection of OMBRO'S popular designs in Genuine Leather Goods using this website´s shopping cart and pay via Credit or visa debit card , or Paypal account, using the PAYPAL system 


  • AT AN EVENT- If you visited OMBRO at one of our events and have a particular design in leather you like and it is not available on our website you can contact us directly and we can post it out to you and Ombro can send you a invoice for payment through email.

Payment methods

What payment methods do you accept?

  • Ombro accepts VISA, MASTERCARD using the well known Paypal online payment method. 
  • Ombro NZ and AUS accept CASH, EFTPOS, CREDIT, on site 

With bank transfers, how long do customers have to make the payment before their order is shipped out?

  • In NZ we only accept bank transfers to our NZ OMBRO LTD Bank details which we will provide during email correspondence, Once you send Ombro an email attachment of the bank transfer payment reciept to us, we can then continue your order and post leather goods out to you as soon as we recieve your payment. Usually within a few days

Do you offer Gift Certificates, Loyality Points? 

Yes, we offer Gift Certificates on request, We send these out to you via email and you can print them out from home

No, we dont offer Loyality Points

What happens If your order is cancelled because the product was out of stock?

Depends on the details and situation and in these cases we will be individually corresponding with you by email? Normally we will just make you aware the product is in the process of getting handmade and we could set a delayed date for when you would recieve your out of stock, product.


Payment  & Payment Options:

Once you have placed your order: Options are:

  • FOR AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS ONLY- You can pay Via PAY PAL online our website in the shopping cart:  http://www.ombroleathernz.com/cart, we prefer this PAYPAL payment process through our website but if you do not have a PAYPAL Account you can pay via Bank Transfer into Ombro's, Majan Taylor Australian Bank AC, details will be provided via email
  • FOR NZ CUSTOMERS ONLY- You Pay into OMBRO LTD NZ Bank AC or Ombro's-Majan Taylor Australian Bank AC
  • Least preferred option:You can send a Bank Cheque to:

NZ: Po Box 120 Kiawaka 0542 Northland, NZ

Bank Cheque Please note: Your Order does not get posted out until the Bank Cheque has cleared therefore this is the least preferred method of payment

Ombro is in contact via email regarding securing your order and confirming your Payment / receipt etc

Ombro Leather Goods price range:

Ombro's Leather Wallets range from $45 - $95 NZD / AUD

Genuine Cow Leather Bags range from $80- $300 AUS/NZ Dollar
Ombros Genuine Leather Belts are handmade and custom fitted on site by Beltking, Michael Lunjevich in NZ, prices range from $45- $85 NZD

Post  & Secure ordering

Ombro's Website automatically quotes you the exact current LIVE postage price using NZ Post in NZ or AUS Post in Australia, at the end of your order process- the price is depending on the weight of the Leather Goods, Domestic or International. We quote the price including postage and packaging


NZ / AUS: Domestic (one wallet) or One Belt Estimate = $9 for Postage

NZ/AUS: Domestic (average size leather bag) = $18-22 for Postage

(this is a estimate, it depends on size and weight of product, in which the website automatically does the figures in correlation with NZ OR AUS post)