About Us - Ombro Designers

About Ombro Family Business and the Designers

OMBRO is a well known New Zealand brand which has been around for over 15 years. We are a small family business, (father, daughter and partners), New Zealand and Australian, owned and operated.

All Ombro's handmade leather wallets, leather belts and leather bags are designed by father and daughter and are handmade in our own Ombro workshop. We are based in New Zealand and retail in all the shows around the North and South Island every year. We also have stalls in the markets around Gold Coast, Southern Queensland Australia and Northern NSW. 

Ombro offer an experiened collection in unique designs in wallets, for men and woman. Mr Ombro has desgined a 'wallet for everyone´ with good old kiwi ingenuity! 

Ombro's handmade leather wallets come in every coloured leather you can imagine with leather lining and double stitching for extra quality. Ombro designs beautiful quality unique gandmade leather bags, backpacks for men and woman.

The creater of Ombro Leather Goods; Michael Lunjevich started designing his Ombro leather wallets in 1998.

Michael has a lot of experience with leather and designing as he
has been in the industry for over 15 years, He is amazingly creative,
Michael was a stone mason by trade and a marble lifesize statue artist,
Michael has sculpted three, 6ft marble statues. He also invented 'Bro Tools´, in the early 90's, he likes working with his hands, he traded in the heavy tools and back breaking stone work for leather work. Michael has perfected his Ombro wallet designs over the years, some designs have taken him 8 years of trail and error to perfect, You can find Michael in his Ombro workshop Northland NZ, or on the road at the NZ shows hand making Ombro leather belts for his customers on the spot. H
e is one of the biggest characters you will ever meet and he will tell you he passiontly believes in his "Kiwi Ingenuity". Michael handmakes the leather belts on site, he is known as the 'BELT KING', he learnt his trade from the NZ Beltking legend Ray


His daughter Majan Taylor is the 'New Generation' as her father would say. She enjoys designing with her dad in NZ and organising her families' business, she has helped her father design the Ombro leather range and sell at the markets since she was 10 years old. Majan is now a busy full time mum to a 1 year old boy, therefore she works from home and organises Ombro behind the scenes. She runs the Australian Ombro and now has a sales team who run the Ombro leather stalls at the Gold Coast Arts and Craft Beach Markets every Sunday and Saturday at Brunswick, Kingscliffe or Burleigh markets, while her son is still young.

Majan is passionate about her fathers' designs in leather and she is also creative.
She is responsible for designing quite a few of Ombro's leather bags and Ombro's
female wallets. She helps her father in NZ over summer.


More Ombro Information:

"Ombro has designed the very unique and famous 'Wonder Wallets', 'Wonder Bags' and 'Wonder Belt' designs"

Ombro's leather wallets range from $45 - $95 NZD / AUD

Genuine cow Leather bags range from $80- $300 AUS/NZ Dollar
Ombros genuine leather belts are handmade and custom fitted on site by Beltking, Michael Lunjevich in NZ, prices range from $45- $85 NZD

If you like any of the wallets or belts on this page, you can buy online from this website using credit card or paypal

Leather is a by-product, OMBRO 100% guarantees no cow is killed for leather, we use the skin (recycling) instead of the cow skin going to waste after the meat industry is finished with it