RFID CARD FRAUD PROTECTION In our new upgraded designed wallets

New 2016: Ombro Leather Goods have fitted RFID CARD FRAUD STOP protector in the lining of our new wallets , with double stitching


Read below about RFID wallets :

If you knew that someone could read your credit cards, and even driver’s license without actually having to swipe them or look at them, would you take steps to guard against it? RFID STOP protects your credit card or personal details from your cards from scammers, especially used when travelling overseas to feel safe as there has been more cases of theives stealing peoples data from there wallets as they walk past you, without you knowing.

Unfortunately, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology used to track sensitive data in many of today’s portable identifiers (e.g. cards) can be easily scanned without you ever knowing.

Why Use An RFID-Blocking Wallet?

  • As it stands right now, most credit cards and debit cards issued within the past decade have RFID technology embedded in them. All passports have RFID chips that track your data and photo. RFID chips are a convenient way to store and read data – instead of having to swipe your card through a reader, you can simply wave your card in front of an RFID scanner without even taking it out of your wallet. It’s convenience at its best.


  • Unfortunately, the danger is that someone could build a counterfeit reader – which wouldn’t be too difficult for anyone who has experience in that field – and pick up your RFID information against your will. It’s similar to one of the risks in an NFC device which requires a close-up “bump” to trigger a transaction. Counterfeit card readers existed before RFID, but they require you to physically swipe your card through a slot; counterfeit RFID readers can pull or delete data without so much as you walking by.


  • RFID wallets will utilize something called a “Faraday cage” and the specification you want to look for is “electromagnetically opaque”. These RFID blockers will prevent illegitimate reading of your RFID-embedded objects.


  • Not all RFID-blocking wallets are made equal; some are more effective than others. In addition, even the most effective RFID-blocking wallets can fail, whether due to wear and tear or user error. Our products will help keep you safe, but they are no replacement for safe habits and exercising caution

Bottom line

  • RFID-blocking wallets will increase the security of your RFID-embedded cards, but they aren’t foolproof solutions
  • The best way to stay protected against rogue RFID scanners is to minimize your reliance on RFID-enabled tools; abstinence really is the only guaranteed protection. But if you can’t find a way around it, then you can safeguard your cards with the wallets OMBRO leather has designed and fitted RFID protection are listed below

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